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Success Stories
Here we showcase the success stories which will be inspiring our members. Meet our success couples who found their soulmate through DhangarMatrimony.com. We wish the newlyweds, a happy married life.
Our Success Gallery
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Bride : Swati |Groom :
Engagement / Marriage Date : 22-12-2018
Found my love
Bride : mahesh varak |Groom :
Engagement / Marriage Date : 22-12-2018
Thank u so much dhanagar matrimony
Bride : Rahul Harnawal |Groom :
Engagement / Marriage Date : 30-04-2018
Thank u so much for DhangarMatrimony
Bride : Rupali shelake |Groom : Indrajeet Ghanashyam Gonjari
Engagement / Marriage Date : 20-04-2018
I am very much greatful to Dhanagar matrimony team for finding ideal life partner to my son I wish that your matrimony will achieve new heights

Bride : Dhanaji Dhangar |Groom :
Engagement / Marriage Date : 19-05-2018
good thank u so much
Bride : shalini Dnyandeo shelke |Groom :
Engagement / Marriage Date : 15-07-2018
Nice and thanks
Bride : Ahilya Patil |Groom : Sakit
Engagement / Marriage Date : 25-04-2018
We Thanks Dhangar Matrimony for finding the perfect partner through this site. Our experience is very good with this site as cooperative, prompt connectivity with matches and alerts management with SMS as per profile requirement.

Bride : Bharat Vitthal Sule |Groom :
Engagement / Marriage Date : 06-05-2018
Bride : Ashwini Lambhate |Groom :
Engagement / Marriage Date : 06-05-2018
Marriages are decided by god and our past life. Thanks Matrimony for your service. I found my life partner and also made a lot of new friends.
Bride : Amol madane |Groom :
Engagement / Marriage Date : 05-04-2018
thank u so much for u r website for giving me good life partner
Our Success Gallery
Showing Page 1 of 2